Welcoming Peter Erickson


Welcoming Peter Erickson to the Clinical Team - Dragonfly Transitions

Dragonfly Transitions is excited to announce that Peter Erickson has joined the clinical team!

Peter Erickson comes from a background in wilderness therapy, and is a nature lover at heart.

Peter received a BA in Religious Studies with an emphasis on Sociology, and commands a strong ability to work with people of diverse beliefs and backgrounds.

His passion for outdoor learning and leadership grew into helping teens develop job skills in land stewardship. After receiving his Master’s in Counseling, Peter became a wilderness therapist.

He devoted himself to clinically intensive work with youth struggling with ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, OCD, anxiety, depression, addictions of technology and substance use, and trauma. Peter has specialized training in Brainspotting and the Comprehensive Resourcing Model. These modalities can help students address trauma and emotional distress at a deeper level that allows a release from neurological pathways stuck in fear and doubt. Peter utilizes mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and Choice Theory into his work with students.


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