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Dragonfly Transitions is a nine to twelve month program in Klamath Falls and Ashland, Oregon. It is designed with progressive phases and a variety of living environments based on student interest.

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Dragonfly Transitions Co-founder Mona Treadway Earns PhD in Leadership and Change

Posted by Dragonfly Transitions

Spring offers opportunities for growth and celebration, and this spring there is another cause for celebration: Dragonfly Transitions co-founder Mona Treadway has officially received her PhD in Leadership and Change with an emphasis on young adults in treatment, through Antioch University. Throughout her research over the past several years, Mona has developed a deeper insight…


Educational Success: A Piece of the Whole at Dragonfly Transitions

Posted by Dragonfly Transitions

Being a modern young adult involves balancing the demands of school, family, friends, jobs and extracurricular responsibilities. This can be overwhelming for some young people who find they can’t navigate these challenges and still achieve personal success. Many students at Dragonfly Transitions take college-level classes or complete high school—experiences that help them learn self-discipline as…


Our program

Therapeutic Services

The therapeutic milieu of Dragonfly is hands on, up close and personal. There are abundant opportunities to create an individualized therapeutic experience for students both inside and outside of a traditional session.

Students participate in individual and group therapy as well as family therapy during conference calls and family workshops. Psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and other services are provided to students as needed by Dr. Chad Brown. Students meet with staff mentors once per week and mentors are available everyday to support the structure of Dragonfly.

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Most Dragonfly students have had difficulty developing or consistently executing the skills necessary to live a healthy, balanced, and successful life in college and beyond.

All students are encouraged to complete high school and continue their education at the post-secondary level — even if this is only to experience a few classes and learn what is required in terms of time management, study skills and self-discipline necessary to succeed educationally.

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We believe work is a great way for students to develop and explore new skills, learn to live a balanced life, and practice personal responsibility.

Dragonfly provides support for students who wish to work throughout their stay. Staff provide guidance through exploring interests and resume and interview workshops. Dragonfly Transitions provides structured vocational training through its cafe, A Leap of Taste.

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Our program

Health, Fitness & Recreation

Our students are required to join the local gym where they have access to a personal trainer who helps them set and attain reasonable fitness goals. Gym trips take place every morning, Monday through Friday, and occasionally on weekends if there is demand.

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Trips & Adventures

At Dragonfly, students take weekend day trips
 to try new things. On breaks from school, mentors coordinate travel to nearby destinations. These trips can be cultural excursions to places like San Francisco or to natural wonders like the Cascade Mountains.

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Our program


Students on the Ashland campus have demonstrated readiness and motivation to continue their growth and development with increased independence. Students typically start in Klamath Falls and have the option to transition to Ashland as they progress through the program.

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Our program

The Homestead

While enjoying a smaller community, students at our young adult transitions program can immerse themselves in the gardening schedule, work on maintenance projects, cook, attend group therapy, and develop relationships with their peers and the Dragonfly team.

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Mychal Rushwald Foundation

Aerie Acre is a non-profit farm and garden project located at The Dragonfly Homestead and made possible by the generosity of The Mychal Rushwald Foundation. We believe in local sustainable agriculture and grow fruits and vegetables using organic methods to improve our own diets and to contribute to the overall health of Klamath County.

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Our program

A Leap of Taste

In February 2010, Mona and Glenn took ownership of A Leap of Taste to further the mission of Dragonfly. A Leap of Taste is a friendly environment for young adults in Dragonfly Transitions to acquire job skills, learn social responsibility, and build relationships within the Klamath Falls community.

A Leap of Taste employees are a mix of local Klamath Falls residents as well as students from Dragonfly Transitions. Throughout the week, local musicians and sometimes Dragonfly students perform live music. The café also hosts an occasional Open Mic Night.

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Our program

Family Involvement

Dragonfly Transitions offers therapeutic services to facilitate change and healing in all family members who choose to participate. We have seen first-hand the power of family involvement in a student’s therapy. Families more willing to delve into therapy alongside their loved one can nurture more effective and lasting change.

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I wanted to thank you for your efforts with my son. He has grown tremendously over the past 13 ½ months and I think that the structure and support that...
I was terrified to change. I was terrified to grow up. And yet, choosing Dragonfly was the best decision of my life.
My daughter came home for the break, and I can say that it was the best week we’ve had with her in the past 5 years. Her stay at Dragonfly...
You can have confidence that Dragonfly, Mona, and Glenn will do what they say, and do it well.
Dragonfly took wonderful care of our daughter and nurtured her, and continue to do so at a difficult time in her life.
We are thrilled that our son is in the care of such skilled and compassionate people who are able to relate to him and bring out positive energy from him.
From his first interaction with Dragonfly my son said he felt he was being treated like a person, not a problem to be solved. The intake process was thorough, professional,...

Our events

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Family Workshop- June 2017

June 15 @ 9:00 am - June 16 @ 9:00 pm

Dragonfly Transitions believes that the process of change needs to occur within the entire family system. Our workshops provide an opportunity for face-to-face interaction and for families to gain a greater depth of understanding of their child, Dragonfly, and the therapeutic process.  Family Workshop starts on Thursday at 9:00 am and finishes on Friday after dinner….

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Academic Spring Term Finished

June 16
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Outdoor Adventure Trip in Bend

June 19 @ 8:00 am - June 24 @ 5:00 pm

Journeying to Bend, Oregon and the surrounding area, Dragonfly students will camp, explore lava tube caves, rock climb in world famous Smith Rock State Park, kayak mountain lakes, hike the surrounding forests and see what the city has to offer. All students will participate in this trip, which will be outdoors and led by experienced Dragonfly…

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Summer Weekend Trips

July 7 @ 8:00 am - August 6 @ 5:00 pm

We will be offering a selection of 3-day weekend trips to students. These trips will take place in the northern California or Oregon. Note that this will not interfere with the school schedule if students are taking classes. #1 July 7-10, 2017  #2 July 21-23, 2017  #3 August 4-6, 2017

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International Service Trip to Cambodia (optional and earned)

July 12 - August 6

Ten Dragonfly students will be embarking on a very special journey to Cambodia. Dragonfly invites students who have demonstrated their engagement in the program and that we feel comfortable traveling with internationally. The trip is staffed with a Dragonfly therapist and two experienced mentors. Each year students have returned having had a profound experience. The trip combines…

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Student Vacation/Home Visit

August 19 @ 8:00 am - August 28 @ 5:00 pm

Students vacation on neutral ground, return home, or if not yet ready will remain at Dragonfly at the Homestead. All students depart from Klamath Fall (LMT)  or Medford (MFR) on the morning of August 19th and return before 9 pm on August 28th. Families will work on home contracts and logistics with their Dragonfly therapist.

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September Caseload Trips

August 30 - September 20

Each of the respective treatment teams comprised of the therapist, mentors, and the students on their caseload will go on separate trips to different locations, length of trip is about 10 days. These trips will be organized by caseload and therapists will be participating with the students. Therapist staffed trips are a wonderful way for…

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Academic Fall Term Starts

September 25
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Family Workshop – October 2017

October 26 @ 9:00 am - October 27 @ 9:00 pm
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November 23

Dragonfly hosts a Thanksgiving Dinner at the Dragonfly community center. Students and staff participate in decorating and in preparing side dishes to share. It’s a fun time to share holiday traditions and many prepare their favorite dish from home. We encourage students to remain at Dragonfly over the Thanksgiving weekend, and families are welcome to join…

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Academic Fall Term Finished

December 8
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Portland, Oregon Student Trip

December 12 - December 17

The annual trip to Portland focuses on service to those in need, as well as highlights the unique cultural activities that Portland has to offer. This trip presents the students with an opportunity to get to know the city, take part in cultural experiences, and broaden their horizons. Many of our students come from cities…

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Student Vacation/Home Visit

December 17 @ 8:00 am - December 27 @ 5:00 pm

Students vacation on neutral ground, return home, or if not yet ready will remain at Dragonfly at the Homestead. All students depart from the Portland airport (PDX) on the morning of December 17th and return to the Klamath Falls airport (LMT) or Medford (MFR) before 9 pm on December 27th. Families will work on home…

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