Welcoming Dori Them

Dori Them

Dragonfly Transitions is excited to announce that Dori Them has joined the admissions team!

Dori Them has worked in the therapeutic industry for over twenty years in a variety of settings and roles. She brings energy, wisdom, and a wealth of experience to her role in admissions. Mona is delighted to have the help and will remain part of the admissions process.

Dori is excited to join the admissions team at Dragonfly Transitions. When Dori is not on the phone, you can find her sleuthing out the many hot springs between Idaho and Oregon, on the yoga mat or zafu, or caught in an exchange with one of her grandchildren. She also enjoys traveling and living in the world with her husband.

You can reach Dori on her cell at 208.957.8557 or call the office at 541.850.0841. Email: [email protected].


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