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Yvette Slagle, BS

Yvette has over ten years of experience working with families, clinicians, and referring professionals creating pathways for communication, outreach, and treatment advocacy.  She elicits warmth and trust within the organization and aspires to create a culture of acceptance and understanding for families and young adults in treatment.

Yvette is dedicated to developing tools and resources that help explain the many facets of the Dragonfly experience.  She embodies our core values of empathy, service, trusting relationships, and growth, and seeks to honor the personal journey of our students by celebrating their success.

Yvette earned her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from Texas State University and soon after began working as a Field Instructor for a wilderness therapy program in southwest Colorado.  She then moved to Hawaii and was part of the Outreach team for a prominent outdoor behavioral healthcare program.

In her spare time, Yvette enjoys yoga, reading, gardening and exploring in nature with her husband and two sons.

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