Rock Climbing by Chelsea Kibbe

Dragonfly Transitions for struggling young adults - Rock Climbing

Climbing introduces any number of physical and mental challenges to the novice. Some buzzwords you may hear are trust, challenge, acceptance, risk and a few choice words when things don’t go your way.

Dragonfly Transitions for struggling young adults - Rock ClimbingOn trips where a student is introduced to a new experience and challenged, identities are brought into question and new students emerge.  We spent a full day at the gorgeous Smith Rocks State Park. Students were able to challenge themselves on four different climbs. Then, given a new vantage point as they learned to rappel from the canyon walls. When everyone’s forearms felt like lead and the rain began to fall, we used our legs to hike the river trail at the base of the canyon; gazing upon more experienced climbers and taking in the magnificent rock features.

Dragonfly Transitions for struggling young adults - Rock ClimbingWhen later discussing their experiences one student responded: “Rock climbing was a new experience that was challenging for me. Being able to learn how to just do it again and again mirrors my life. Even if I fall I can get back up on my own.  If I ever go back to rock bottom I know that I am capable of recovering.

Another student reflected after hanging from a rope and rappelling from a cliff  “Having spent most of my life in situations where someone else decided my fate, being in a situation where my life was in my own hands felt like taking control back.


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