Educational Success: A Piece of the Whole at Dragonfly Transitions

Being a modern young adult involves balancing the demands of school, family, friends, jobs and extracurricular responsibilities. This can be overwhelming for some young people who find they can’t navigate these challenges and still achieve personal success.

Many students at Dragonfly Transitions take college-level classes or complete high school—experiences that help them learn self-discipline as well as both study and time management skills. Some of the educational options available in Klamath and Ashland include:

  • Oregon Tech
  • Southern Oregon University
  • Klamath Community College (KCC)
  • Rogue Community College
  • A GED program at KCC’s Klamath Adult Learning Center
  • United Bicycle Institute
  • Ashland Institute of Massage

We also offer academic tutoring and mentoring, study halls and a study lab so our students can achieve educational success. The staff at Dragonfly Transitions includes our Academic Director and Education Coordinator, who work with students to create an educational plan, choose classes, order text books, track students’ progress, help students develop strategies for success and provide academic support.

We are very proud of the progress our students have made during the past two terms.

Residential Programs for Struggling Young Adults at Dragonfly Transitions

Residential Programs for Struggling Young Adults at Dragonfly Transitions

Fall 2016 Education Results:

  • 99 credits taken (Klamath Falls: 74, Ashland: 25)
  • 33 classes (Klamath Falls: 25, Ashland: 8)
  • 21 Students (Klamath Falls: 17, Ashland: 4)
  • 3.67 Cumulative GPA

Winter 2017 Education in Progress:

  • 163 credits taken (Klamath Falls: 110, Ashland: 53)
  • 46 classes (Klamath Falls:  32, Ashland: 14)
  • 25 students enrolled (Klamath Falls: 19, Ashland: 6)
  • 3 GED students
  • Trades: 1 full-time culinary student, 2 welding, 1 computer

Successful Supports Include:

  • Accountability with School Contracts
  • Weekly Labs
  • Parent communication
  • Professor meetings
  • Midterm reports

We are proud of our students for their dedication to developing skills that will help them grow into their best selves. Their educational success is just one step towards them finding their purpose, gaining self-awareness and establishing healthy boundaries for themselves, their family and their friends.

At Dragonfly we are committed to the individual needs of young people and provide our students with a safe, supportive environment where they learn about fitness, nutrition, healthy relationships, emotional wellbeing, employment and education. Many of our students, who are typically between 18 and 25 years old, have struggled with drug and alcohol use, overuse of technology, a mood disorder, learning differences, identity issues, body image issues, family breakup, significant loss and/or trauma.

We have three locations:

  1. Klamath Falls which has a coffee shop and deli where students can learn life skills.
  2. Ashland which is home to the annual Oregon Shakespeare festival.
  3. The Homestead which has a working farm with animals and a greenhouse giving students the opportunity to sell produce at a local farmers’ market.

To achieve individual success, students spend nine to twelve months in a living environment suiting their individual needs and interests. Students can attend college, work, volunteer and take part in fitness and recreational activities to help them learn how to live a healthy, balanced life.

An important part of our program is also our therapeutic groups that address the needs and interests of our community. A sampling of these groups includes a recovery group, art therapy, thinking errors, codependency, yoga/meditation and beginning cooking. At Dragonfly Transitions, our programs address the whole person; our students’ educational success is just one piece of the puzzle. For the past 15 years, the staff at Dragonfly Transitions has been helping struggling young adults develop the skills necessary to lead independent, stable, happy lives.


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