Oregon Dunes by Joe Kramer-Herman, Mentor

ORDunesAfter a 4 hour drive, we made it to Tahkenitch campground, which is located between Reedsport and Florence. The campsites we stayed in had huge old growth stumps that were great fun to play on. After setting up camp and having dinner, we settled in our tents to get ready for the next day.

After waking up and packing for an entire day away from the campground, part of the group went kayaking on Siltcoos Lake. They saw water ways surrounded by dunes with hydrangeas in all different colors. Students learned that the colors of the flower change from location to location based on the acidity of the soil.

The other part of the group went into Florence to see what the port city has to offer. The first place that the group explored was the Military Heritage Museum. The students saw artifacts and diagrams that explained the various wars of the 20th century, and the museum also gave some insight into what native Oregonians were doing in the war. After the museum, the group went to see the historic district, Old Town. The students walked into various shops and galleries to see what the Old Town has to offer. The group then headed south to Honeyman State Park to see the dunes and pitcher plants. Pitcher plants are plants that have holes in their bulbs that mosquitos fly into, and when they land on the plants inside, the mosquitos get stuck and start to dissolve, giving the pitcher plants nutrients.

After the two groups met back up, the students had dinner at Mo’s which over looked a harbor where fishing vessels brought in the catch of the day. After dinner, the students went to the Pacific Ocean, and some were even brave enough to go into the water. After volunteering to be wet and cold, everyone went back to the campsite to have caramelized apples followed by a restful sleep.

It was hard to leave the next day, but knowing that it was a weekend trip and there were other responsibilities waiting back in Klamath Falls, everyone packed up and began the trip back to the basin having had a cheerful experience.


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