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Friendship and Therapy: Reflections on Friendship’s Therapeutic Power

Monday, 13. March 2017

By Gary Borjesson, PhD Dragonfly students are well aware of the challenges and opportunities that life transitions bring. In the past few years, I’ve made some big transitions in my own life, one being a career change from philosophy professor to a therapist on Dragonfly’s Ashland campus. I recently had the opportunity to bring my…

Volunteering in Portland

Wednesday, 28. December 2016

It can be an eye-opening experience for Dragonfly students to help those in need during the winter season. On a recent December trip to Portland, students applied teamwork skills to contribute to service projects at local nonprofits. They naturally held a good perspective about giving back during the holidays and were eager to jump in and…

New Beginnings at the Homestead

Wednesday, 7. December 2016

By Rae Lewis. As Autumn turns to Winter and our outdoor gardening season officially ends, we have recently welcomed 8 adorable piglets to the Homestead. These piglets provide so much fun and joy for students and staff alike. Having them at the farm also offers daily therapeutic opportunities for students to engage in a structured routine of caring…

Thanksgiving at Dragonfly

Tuesday, 29. November 2016

By Sean McClellan and Betsy.  In Klamath Falls, the atmosphere at the Dragonfly community center Mychal’s Place was lively and festive with hand-decorated banners detailing individual students’ gratitude and words of welcome. Students, staff, parents, and siblings alike gathered together, and just before beginning the meal Glenn offered thanks for the amount of effort and…

Exploring Yosemite and Northern California

Wednesday, 28. September 2016

At Dragonfly, students engage in adventure based trips throughout the year to explore new edges, deepen peer relationships, and develop self-confidence to try new experiences. This year Brittany “B.C.” Carter’s caseload traveled down to Yosemite National Park where we camped and explored the beautiful landscape together. Some of our more noteworthy experiences within the park included the…