Narcotics Anonymous Pacific Northwest Conference

One of the Dragonfly students organized a trip to Eugene Oregon for the 37th annual Narcotics Anonymous Pacific Northwest Conference. Working with staff to make it happen, they located where to camp, developed a trip budget, and communicated with peers about attending the trip.

Dragonfly Transitions for struggling young adults - Narcotics Anonymous Conference

“Don’t leave this room, before the miracle happens that you don’t even know about.” The 37th annual Narcotics Anonymous Pacific Northwest Conference ( kicked off with humility, conviction, and honesty Friday evening.

Sharing the knowledge gained through his journey to recovery the speaker was inspiring and set the tone for the weekend. The rain in Eugene surely didn’t dampen our spirits throughout the weekend. We spent Saturday attending a variety of workshops. A few of the favorites were: getting out of our own way, bridging two worlds – relationships outside NA, emotional and spiritual crisis, and lifelong practice of surrender. “I can’t remember what exactly the speaker said, I just remember it hitting me,” reflected one of the students. Another felt that it “was powerful to see speakers in person compared to listening to tapes during meetings.” Some of the Dragonfly attendees were able to get up in front of the workshops to do readings from the text. One speaker urged us to remember: “individual recovery is based on unity as a whole.” One of our students added that this applies to aspects of our lives beyond addiction.

In the evening we enjoyed chili followed by banana boats before returning for a final speaker. Afterwards, a student remarked, “It was cool to meet people from all walks of life,”. The weekend wrapped up with a final speaker on Sunday morning. For an additional treat, we picked up some voodoo donuts for the drive back to Klamath Falls. when all was said and done the student who had organized the trip was asked what he thought of the conference his response was simple, “life changing.”


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