Position: Lead Mentor

Tim grew up in the Washington DC area, where he spent most of his free time engaging in outdoor adventures and developing a deep connection to the natural world. Throughout high school and college, he worked as a whitewater kayaking instructor, leading youth through the process of learning how to independently navigate challenging rivers. After earning an undergraduate degree in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Tim spent a number of years in the medical field before making a transition into outdoor education. In working as a wilderness guide for young adults, Tim found a passion for helping students face their fears and successfully navigate their most physically and emotionally challenging moments in the backcountry. Merging his two interests of outdoor recreation and mental health, Tim transitioned into the field of wilderness therapy where he became a resident supervisor for a horticultural therapy program in Hawaii. His move to Dragonfly has been a natural progression in exploring the many avenues available to young people on their journey towards health and healing. As he continues to work alongside the clinical team here at Dragonfly, Tim is excited to translate his knowledge and experience towards his own future career as a therapist. Outside of work you can find him hiking, running, and kayaking on local trails and rivers throughout the beautiful state of Oregon!