River Kuenzi

Position: Adventures & Wellness Coordinator

River is a world traveler who is motivated by connection and passion, especially Passion for Adventure. River has a B.A. in film, and a B.S. in Business with over 5 years of experience in marketing and organizational operations. She journeyed into the world of unmanned aircrafts and spent two years flying drones. It took her on an adventure around the world where she flied drones in Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Mexico and more. She has worked at a kangaroo sanctuary in Australia and has worked on the Panama Canal as a guide for jungle hikes, kayaking trips, and safari tours, and was known for catching crocodiles with her bare hands. Rivers travels opened her eyes to the healing powers of stepping outside of your comfort zones, trying new things, and connecting with nature and now looks to bring that to the Dragonfly Community. During Rivers spare time she intentionally gets lost in the wilderness backpacking and camping.