Cinnamon and Salem

Position: Therapeutic Animal

Cinnamon and Salem’s mom wasn’t able to feed them so they came to the homestead community as bottle babies. They are Nigerian Dwarf goats, born on 2/24/2023.

Taking care of baby goats can be incredibly beneficial for one’s mental health. Caring for animals has been found to reduce stress and anxiety levels, while the presence of a companion animal can often help to boost self-esteem and sense of purpose. Interacting with goats has been proven to be especially uplifting due to their intensely social nature and inherently silly behavior. The process of caring for them provides a great opportunity for mindfulness and calming focus in the present. Cuddling and playing with goats can be highly rewarding, providing love and companionship along with an outlet for built-up stress. When given adequate care and bonding time, baby goats are sure to brighten up your day and provide a spark of joy to life.