Klamath Basin Driver Education by Pat Patzke

Dragonfly Transitions  - Driver's Education in Klamath FallsMy name is Pat Patzke, and I have been a Mentor at Dragonfly Transitions since June of 2014. During my time working with our students it became clear that driver’s education training was a missing resource for our students. The acquisition of a driver’s license can be a significant milestone in our students’ journeys toward autonomy and independence.  Unfortunately there was no training available in Klamath Falls.

This inspired me to pursue and complete the Oregon Driver Education Certification through Western Oregon University. I am insured through Progressive Auto Insurance and have a certified driver education car complete with a dual brake system. My combination of Mentor experience at Dragonfly and driver education qualifications allows me to provide a therapeutically skilled and customized driver training experience.

Please contact me via email if you would like to pursue this opportunity for your son or daughter. I can provide further information about services and rates at that time.

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