Dragonfly Transitions Supports Academic Success for Young Adults

For young adults struggling with anxiety, depression or technology abuse, learning differences, mood disorders, a lack of focus, or ADD/ADHD, Dragonfly Transitions offers treatment and support in a residential, peer-based community setting. Many of the young adults who come to Dragonfly have previously struggled with developing and executing the academic skills necessary to live a healthy, balanced, and successful life in college and beyond.

Academic Director At Dragonfly, students work closely with the Academic Director to determine and pursue educational goals. The program offers academic mentoring, a study lab, and weekly supported study halls. The Academic Director works with each student to create a personalized education plan that involves the process of class selection and enrollment, ordering text books and supplies, keeping tabs on student progress, providing academic support, and helping students develop strategies to set them on the path of academic success.

Many young adults today struggle with anxiety that can cause them to avoid completing assignments or connecting with professors when they have a question or need to seek accommodations such as extended time for test taking. Dragonfly Transitions offers 1:1 mentorship and coaching for students to help them gain the skills they will need to succeed after they graduate from the program. This includes helping students learn how to navigate the process of communicating with professors about grades and progress, accessing free peer tutoring services on each campus, and proactively seeking accommodations for learning disabilities if necessary.


In Klamath Falls, students have the option of enrolling at  Oregon Tech, the only accredited poly-technical college in Oregon. The college specializing in engineering, healthcare fields, business, applied psychology, communication, and industrial technology; and offers general education classes such as speech, math, and writing. Additionally, Oregon Tech offers non-admit status, which means that if a Dragonfly student takes eight or fewer credits, they can enroll directly, pay in-state tuition, and receive transferable credits without having to fully apply to the college. This offers a useful and non-intimidating way for Dragonfly students to get back into the flow of academics. Klamath Community College (KCC) is another option at the Klamath Falls campus, which offers a variety of classes both for credit and non-credit.

At Dragonfly’s Ashland campus, students can attend the four-year liberal arts Southern Oregon University, which offers a non-admit status available for students taking twelve or fewer credits. Additional options at the Ashland campus include Rogue Community College or vocational training programs such as the United Bicycle Institute. Dragonfly’s Ashland Education Coordinator also  works with students to support the continuity of their academic trajectories on the Ashland campus.

Some key highlights and achievements of Dragonfly students from last semester include collectively taking 93 college credits across all campuses with a cumulative GPA of 3.88 at the Klamath Falls campus and a 3.28 at the Ashland campus. Additionally, three students completed their GED or received a high school completion diploma.

All students are encouraged to complete high school and continue their education at the post-secondary level — even if this is only to experience a few classes and learn what is required in terms of time management, study skills and self-discipline necessary to succeed educationally. For students who still need to complete high school, Dragonfly’s Academic Director works individually with students to either attend online high school programs or obtain a GED so that they can move right into taking college courses. Dragonfly’s Academic Director notes that the program supports students through the experiential aspects of engaging in education while providing a balance of empowerment and accountability that prepares a foundation for lifelong success.

Dragonfly Transitions serves young adults 18 -30 in three locations in Southern Oregon – Klamath Falls, Ashland, and the Homestead (for men, just south of Klamath). Students learn life skills and work to transition into a healthy young adult life with independence, autonomy, integrity and sustainability. Dragonfly provides opportunities for real world experience in a stable, supportive environment where students can flourish.


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