Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground on a New Greenhouse - Dragonfly Transitions

The Homestead is excited to announce that we are breaking ground for a 2000 square foot greenhouse at the homestead property!

The greenhouse will allow us to grow produce virtually year round. We plan to capitalize on the 300 days of sunshine in Klamath Falls, with solar as the primary heating for the greenhouse. There will also be a north facing wall that will have a floor to ceiling hydro-thermal mass that will soak up heat during the day and emit it at night. (a fancy way of describing a wall of large water containers).

The Greenhouse will provide an escape from the winter elements for the students where they can work, relax and experiment. It will provide a way to get a jump on Spring and have starts that will be ready to go in the ground soon after the last frost, filling our farmers market stand sooner than ever before.

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates as construction continues.


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