Why Do Young Adults Have So Much Anxiety and Stress These Days?

Young adults today get pulled  from all directions. It can be paralyzing and challenging to manage today’s world, and it’s tough to keep it all together. In a way, being a young adult can feel like juggling three chainsaws and hoping nothing goes wrong before the gas runs out. The pressure to keep the chainsaws in the air is as stressful as the consequences of accidentally grabbing one by something other than the handle. It often feels like a no-win situation, and typically when the mind reaches that conclusion, everything comes to a screeching halt. It’s important to catch a breath and get away from the flying chainsaws. Dragonfly Transitions can help and offers tools for young adults to reduce anxiety and stress.

You’ve Heard of Stress Management, Right?

Stress ManagementThe sad thing about anxiety for young adults is that many lack the skills to cope with it. It’s a lot like owning a car and not having it maintained. Sure, it’ll run fine for a while. Then sooner or later it’ll start to run on the rough side. If it’s ignored long enough it’ll adapt to the way the vehicle runs to the point that it’s not noticed anymore. Then one day it just shuts down and doesn’t move again. The body is a lot like that and without managing stress and anxiety, the body will start to run roughly. It’ll adapt to the changes to the point where it seems normal, but it’s not and one day it crashes. Here are some tips to help cope with stress before it starts to control your life and introduce its ally – depression.

Catch Some Z’s

It’s kind of funny that the average young adult knows when the gas tank on their vehicle is low that they need to get some fuel. However, they often don’t see in themselves when they are beginning to run out of gas. One great way to replenish energy is with sleep. Sure, working two part-time jobs and trying to stay ahead in studies may not leave a lot of time for sleep but it’s super important to fit into the schedule. Tips on getting a better sleep – and the average young adult requires nine hours – include no screen time before bed, no caffeine before bed and no stimulating activities before bed. Reading a book may be fine, writing one will not be.

Reduce Anxiety – Pump It Up

Why Do Young Adults Have So Much Anxiety and Stress These Days?

One sure fire way to beat depression and feel better is to engage in some kind of physical activity. This can be anything from walking, hiking, biking, running to more adventurous activities which may or may not include team sports. Add some kind of activity into a regular routine that gets you out, around other like-minded people and burns off some stress and anxiety. Plus, you may find you grow to love morning yoga class or spinning class. The best activities are the ones that are built around groups so you can incorporate social interaction as part of the workout. Dragonfly offers active groups designed to help make some friends and have company when you feel you need to be around others. Social connection is important.

Talk to Someone – It Really Does Reduce Anxiety


The best ways to work out situations that produce stress and anxiety is to talk it out with someone you trust. Sometimes that means having to seek the listening ability of someone who is not a family member or already inside your social network. The best choice is to see someone who has experience in dealing with the situations you are going through. In many cases this means going to a professional of some kind, and there is nothing wrong with doing this. Even if you feel that having to see a professional means you have failed in some way, you are off base. If anything, what you are doing is looking for someone to help you reduce the number of chainsaws you are juggling so that you can get away from the stress created by them.

Take Steps to Help

Even after incorporating all of the tips above, sometimes young adults need additional support to work through the anxiety and stress that is impacting them on a daily basis. Dragonfly Transitions offers a young adult treatment program that may fit your needs. Don’t stress about dropping the chainsaws because we can support you in learning new skills and launching in a new direction. Call Dragonfly Transitions today at (208) 425-4888 for more information.


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