Vocational Development

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Most Dragonfly students have had difficulty developing or consistently executing the skills necessary to live a healthy, balanced, and successful life in college and beyond.

All students are encouraged to complete high school and continue their education at the post-secondary level — even if this is only to experience a few classes and learn what is required in terms of time management, study skills and self-discipline necessary to succeed educationally.

Work Opportunities Available to Dragonfly Students:

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Dragonfly provides support for students who wish to work throughout their stay. Staff provide guidance through exploring interests and résumé and interview workshops. Dragonfly Transitions provides structured vocational training through its cafe, A Leap of Taste.

Outside of Dragonfly, there are ample work opportunities for students throughout Klamath Falls and Ashland. Each campus is located right outside the downtown area which is also home to many local restaurants, hotels, gyms, and other small businesses. Students attending classes at Oregon Tech have access to a Career Services Center, which offers career advising, internship opportunities, workshops, résumé writing help, and campus recruitment. A regional WorkSource Oregon can also help students find a job.

Dragonfly Transitions vocation also offers small work opportunities around its campus, ranging from cleaning jobs to groundskeeping and house maintenance.

Every student has their own unique process — Some students jump right into finding employment, while others ease into it as they progress through the phases of the program. It is most common for students to wait until Phase II. Some students don’t seek employment at all, instead they focus their efforts on academics or other aspects of independent life.

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