Therapeutic Services

Individualized & Personalized

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The therapeutic milieu of Dragonfly is hands on, up close and personal. There are abundant opportunities to create an individualized therapeutic experience for students both inside and outside of a traditional session.

Students participate in individual and group therapy as well as family therapy during conference calls and family workshops. Psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and other services are provided to students as needed. Students meet with staff mentors once per week and mentors are available everyday to support the structure of Dragonfly.

Dragonfly Transitions offers three family workshops throughout the year. This is an integral part of the treatment process and provides opportunities for intensive family and group sessions.

"Many thanks for you and your team helping our son find himself and all the positive attributes he naturally possesses, giving him the life skills needed to love himself, mature, manage his health, and be independent."

- Dragonfly Parent

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Therapeutic Groups Offered at Dragonfly

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The availability of therapeutic services and life-skills groups change quarterly and are based on the shifting needs of the community. Some examples of groups offered at Dragonfly Transitions:

  • Thinking errors (CBT)
  • Life Skills
  • Finance
  • Book Club
  • Distress Tolerance
  • Shame, Resistance, and Vulnerability
  • Drug & Alcohol Education
  • Recovery Group
  • Technology-Related Addiction
  • Problems (TRAP)
  • Social Skills
  • Beginning Cooking
  • Recreation
  • Yoga / Meditation
  • Codependency
  • Creative
  • Bootcamp/Piloxing/Zumba
  • Horseback Riding
  • Nutrition and Meal Planning
  • DBT
  • Men and Women’s Group – topic based
  • Sex Ed
  • Art Therapy

"Our son graduated from Dragonfly in June after completing all four Phases.  The maturity, self-confidence, and balance he now possesses are going to be a lifelong blessing for him.  He learned the skills to manage his mental health issues and life’s challenges.  We are fortunate that he embraced each and every opportunity to learn, heal, and grow offered by Dragonfly."

- Dragonfly Student

Mentoring Approach

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Dragonfly therapists are in a unique position to affect change in the lives of our students because of the team approach
and collaboration with mentors.

Staff Mentors

In addition to a Dragonfly therapist, each student is assigned a specific mentor throughout their stay at Dragonfly Transitions.

The student and mentor work closely together on the student’s individual schedule, master treatment plan and overall support in navigating the program. The mentor serves as an advocate, accountability partner, and support system for the student.

When asked what their duties are, a mentor responded, “Anything and everything.”

Important qualities of mentors include flexibility and openness according to the needs of the student and the community at any given time. Dragonfly mentors come from a variety of educational backgrounds and work experiences.


Student Mentors

When a student enrolls at Dragonfly Transitions, they are also assigned a student mentor. This is a student that has been at Dragonfly for some time and is engaged in the program in a positive manner. Student mentors provide valuable guidance and display leadership through the nitty-gritty of student community life. They introduce new students to the Klamath Falls or Ashland area and help students transition into the program.

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