The Wild and Scenic Rogue River by Phil Ouellette, Mentor

Dragonfly Transitions for struggling young adults - Rogue River Dragonfly Transitions for struggling young adults - Rogue River Dragonfly Transitions for struggling young adults - Rogue River Dragonfly Transitions for struggling young adults - Rogue River

There is beauty in simplicity and with the friendly, fun and gracious guides at ARTA in charge, this was indeed a reality. The Rogue River by itself is beautiful in its “simplicity” with its peaceful canyons, abundant wildlife, warm water, and numerous side creeks. Minimal technology forced us to live simply. Not having cell phone service made for better connections, no internet made for more interactions, and no virtual meant all reality. Our skilled, warm hearted, and engaging guides truly allowed us to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty.

Each day began with fresh coffee and breakfast prepared by the guides. Students would help clean up breakfast and load the rafts. The students had the choice of conquering the river in a 14 ft paddle raft, an 18 ft oar raft, or a 10 ft kayak. The individuals seeking a little danger and excitement gravitated toward the kayaks, while the students that enjoyed a team approach kept to the paddle and oar rafts.

After battling up to stage 3 rapids all morning, the guides would pull us over and prepare lunch, while everyone else would chat about the adventures of the day. The students were helpful in cleaning up, making the guides job a little easier. There were many opportunities for the students to swim, jump off boulders, and even float down the river in life vests and take on smaller rapids. One student adamantly said “This is the most fun I’ve had since coming to Dragonfly”.

The evenings were serene and filled with majestic wildlife. From bald eagles, ospreys, and blue herons to deer, black bears and even a dead rattle snake. Making camp and settling in for the evening was a special time on the trip. The students played hacky sack, volleyball, swam, played games around the chair circle and enjoyed the delicious food prepared by our guides. One student even asked “do you think Glenn and Mona would be open to starting up a Dragonfly river campus?”

This trip was the perfect way to start the summer. To escape the fast pace complexities of daily life was a luxury. With many students transitioning out of the program or to the Dragonfly Ashland campus, this was a great opportunity to create lasting memories.


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