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Parents of a Graduate

Our son graduated from Dragonfly in June after completing all four Phases.  The maturity, self-confidence and balance he now possesses is going to be a lifelong blessing for him.  He learned the skills to manage his mental health issues and life’s challenges.  We are fortunate that he embraced each and every opportunity to learn, heal and grow offered by Dragonfly.  When we first learned that he needed a “step down – transition” program and he picked one that was across the country, we nervously agreed as we knew it was critical for him to make the decision of his next step for it to be successful.  

From the moment we flew with him to Klamath Falls and met the staff and the therapists and how they interacted with him we flew home knowing he was in the right place for him.  The Dragonfly team – owners, staff, mentors and mental health professionals are nothing short of OUTSTANDING!!  They are truly dedicated to their mission of helping teenagers and young adults to develop into responsible independent individuals with the ability to manage life and their wellness.  They are caring, supportive and firm.  We strongly recommend if you have a loved one at Dragonfly that you fully embrace the parent aspect of the program, attend and be fully engaged at a Family Workshop weekend and be there for Thanksgiving.  Your loved one is not the only one who needs to adapt, change and grow from this experience AND getting to know their community at Dragonfly will broaden your understanding and will make you a better person to best support them in the future.