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Jasper Knox

Jasper comes to Dragonfly with previous work experience as a lead behavior specialist in Seattle. He has also worked with youth in the public school system who were struggling with various behavioral and emotional challenges. Additionally, Jasper has led experiential summer camp excursions in Washington for students who were challenged by behavioral and emotional issues. With the students he explored various museums and parks, and drove out to Snoqualmie Falls once a week for trail work and to spend time outside. 

Jasper also previously volunteered with the organization Reap Benefit in Bangalore, India to help educate the public on waste management and distribute simple, low-cost solutions to those who are receptive. With Reap Benefit, he assisted the team in developing a pre & post assessment for the students they worked with and enjoyed visiting a number of schools to lead several class sessions.  

In his free time, Jasper loves hiking, riding his bicycle, cooking, camping, traveling, reading, writing, and playing sports (including frisbee). 

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