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Elliott VanZandt

Raised in Missouri, Elliott found himself moving often in his early twenties working short-term jobs at summer camps, outdoor education camps, and wilderness therapy. In 2010, Elliott started working at Second Nature Uintas, and spent the next three years finding a passion for the clinical side of that job, then he moved in a position at Gateway Academy in Salt Lake City as an Outdoor Experiential Education Mentor, after two and half years there he moved on and spent some time travelling and finding his passion, which led him to Dragonfly Transitions.

He brings many years of experience working with young people in many ways, especially in the outdoors. He has led young people on expeditions through narrow slot canyons, rafting down roaring white-water rivers, skiing down epic powder, hiking and backpacking into the depths of wild mountain ranges, and climbing up intense vertical rock faces. Elliott is a WFR (Wilderness First Responder) since 2011. Through it all Elliott uses the wilderness as a place for healing and peace, as well as a path to self-discovery. Over the past 9 years Elliott has come to focus on self-reliance and resiliency when working with clients, using nature as a powerful teach tool.

When not working, Elliott spends time his time as craftsman and artist, working on endless projects. Drawing, painting, carving, sculpting, leatherwork, sewing, beading, wire-wrapping, and much more. Elliott also spends a lot of time in the wild woods, his source of inspiration, practicing his primitive skills such as fire-making, shelter building, and flint knapping. He also enjoys his time camping, hiking, backpacking, rafting, canyoneering, fishing and hunting.