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Though the proverbial hats have wildly differed—teacher, outdoor adventurer, horse trainer, actress, singer, co-producer, yoga teacher—the foundational approach of care, empathy, and understanding has remained the same. It is Charlotte’s belief that in order to provide an environment where emotional maturity and personal growth may be fostered, respect must be shown in a non-judgmental manner.  Charlotte spent the first eighteen years of her life in Rhode Island. She hiked, learned to ride horses, sang in a choir, attended public school, played trombone, and took part in theatrical productions. She attended and graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle.  While in school, she found on-campus employment with the Husky Union Building Campus Information desk, and later interned with the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center.   Through her communities, she experienced a multitude of interactions and opportunities that broadened her perspectives. It was from these designs that Charlotte devised post-graduation plans for thirteen months, or so she thought, of frugal travel around Europe – where she independently setup work-exchanges, India – where she would attend a Sivananda Yoga TTC, and SE Asia – where she lived and worked for nearly six years.    Creating a life in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Charlotte took the initiative to learn the Thai language through immersion, allowing her to assist Thais and foreigners by bridging cultural gaps and daily language barriers.  She acted in various English-speaking plays with the Gate Theater Company, co-produced a mixed media production, lead 2000+ Thai students in morning yoga, served as city and backcountry tour guide, horse trainer, translator, and cultural ambassador. In the five years she taught as an English as a Foreign Language instructor, she gained insight and access to the Thai educational system, noting benefits, drawbacks, and best practices to most effectively educate and empower her students.  Upon repatriation to the States in March 2018, Charlotte hiked over 700 miles of the Appalachian Trail.  She is currently First Aid & CPR certified and has previously been WFR certified. Through her travels, Charlotte has felt a keen and heightened awareness of her skills and adaptability, as well as a deep concern for the welfare and well-being of others. It is Charlotte’s belief that resilience as an imperative to success, is most aptly achieved through a person’s internal worth and self-respect; yet it also requires external support bold and encouraging enough for the individual to independently strive to make healthful decisions, without fear of retribution in potential missteps.   It is her sincerest hope to continually be a source of empowerment, and to serve as an asset to the students and team of Dragonfly Transitions.