Student Vocational Achievements

By Asia Davis

Dragonfly Transitions for struggling young adults recognizes student vocational achievementsHere at Dragonfly, we like to acknowledge and applaud the great achievements that our students make while working their way through the program. Aaron has been with us for nearly a year, and he has been attending classes at OIT while working on his therapeutic process, and seeking opportunities to learn valuable life skills. Dragonfly Transitions for struggling young adults recognizes student vocational achievementsAaron recently obtained a part-time position at The Home Depot as a cashier, and after only one month of employment with the company has earned the title of Cashier of the Month! Aaron accomplished this while also balancing school, and the expectations of remaining engaged in the program as well as earning phase lV, and moving into an off-campus apartment. Aaron hopes to take the summer off from school, and work full time as a cashier at The Home Depot, and is hoping to gain greater social skills and confidence from the experience.  Aaron says that his plans for the future include staying in Klamath for awhile while he works on graduating from the program, continues to work at The Home Depot, and being a roommate with two of his best friends.


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