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Who joins the Dragonfly Transitions family?

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Each Dragonfly Transitions student has a unique background and personality. Typically, they are young men and women between the ages of 18 and 25.

Many have fallen off the average developmental curve due to drug and alcohol use, over use of technology, a mood disorder, learning differences, identity issues, body image issues, family breakup, significant loss, and/or trauma.

Typical student goals include:

  • Understanding and controlling self-destructive and/or self-defeating behaviors
  • Gaining further understanding and control of their mood disorder
  • “Stepping down” from a therapeutic wilderness program or other residential programs
  • Finding and following purpose, meaning, and direction
  • “Trying on” new social and life coping skills
  • Adapting to a new and stronger sense of self
  • Overcoming painful anxiety, shyness, isolation, and/or phobias
  • Finding ways to be at peace with unresolved family issues or life events
  • Establishing healthy boundaries and expectations with family, friends, and co-workers

Family and friends of applicants often observe:

  • An inability to set and achieve even modest goals
  • An inability to stay focused and motivated
    Difficulty building and maintaining healthy relationships
  • A poor track record with gaining or sustaining employment
  • Ongoing failure in managing school and basic daily commitments
  • Deteriorating personal hygiene, grooming, and concern about appearance
  • Constant moodiness, irritability, isolation, unpredictability
  • Self destructive, self defeating, self harming behaviors
  • Anger, defensiveness, and avoidance in response to feedback about any of the above observations or other concerns about their well-being and future

Dragonfly helps students challenge these behavioral patterns, get to the root of the challenge, and adapt to the challenges of independent adult life.

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