Spring Break 2014

Spring Break conjures images of partying teenagers and twenty somethings on beaches and boats with drink in hand. While spring break is a welcome reprieve from school and the responsibilities that come along with it, and a much looked forward to time of year for most college students, for some it leads to poor decision making or regression into old patterns. At Dragonfly we recognize the need for a break, especially as the sun starts to shine and we emerge from the winter. Our mission during this time is to help our students find new and exciting ways to safely experience spring break. We hope to offer them alternatives that will truly allow them to be fulfilled and refreshed as they return and continue their school year.

Exciting and Safe Spring Break 2014 - Dragonfly Transitions

Two separate groups will be traveling to San Francisco. Throughout the week they will be combining both adventure and city based activities to create a fantastic journey of both old and new experiences for everyone. They will start their week with a trip to Six Flags. During the stay they will enjoy museums and cultural sites as well as rock climbing, biking, and paddle boarding. One group will return via the 101 highway and explore the natural wonder that is the Redwoods.

Exciting and Safe Spring Break 2014 - Dragonfly Transitions

Another group of Dragonfly students will be participating in a solo vision quest experience. This is an opportunity to step into a journey of self-discovery and transition, not your typical spring break choice but one that offers unique rewards. Preparing for several weeks beforehand, the students will meet with a Dragonfly mentor to develop a clear intention for a four day solo wilderness experience. On either end of the solo, there will be two days of camping with the larger group, the first two to prepare and two days following to integrate the experience and any insights learned. Participants will be given the option to fast during the solo if they have been approved by the medical team. This is an optional component that will constantly be monitored to ensure the participants are safe, and self-care is the top priority. This trip is ideal for individuals who are intentionally searching for clarity, wanting to shift a stagnant cycle, or connect with the lessons learned in previous wilderness experiences. It can also provide an opportunity to step away from daily routines and gain perspective on life goals and direction. Follow-up conversations and in-depth therapeutic processing with mentors and students will then support the process of integrating wisdom learned from the experience into the journey forward.


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