School Prep Days by Jeff Mortimore

School Prep Days Equip Students at Dragonfly Transitions for Success

Yes, it’s that time again! Summer begins to fade in glory and the season shifts to Fall, a wonderful time of year in Klamath Falls. Dragonfly programs also transition during this season. Big fall trips are under way to such destinations as the San Juan Islands, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. But, perhaps one of the biggest transitions for our students is returning to school.

Most of our students have enrolled in either Oregon Institute of Technology, Klamath Community College, Klamath Adult Learning Center or many of our on-line High School programs. It’s an exciting time of change, challenge and opportunity for our students. College options such as Writing, Math, Psychology, Sociology, Biology and Early Childhood Education are just a few of the classes that stand out this semester. Both Oregon Tech and Klamath Community College offer the students many core curriculum credits that can be transferred to other major colleges.

To ease this important transition back to school, we have designed “Student Prep Days” to better equip and acquaint the incoming student with the many facets of successful practices. Scheduled for September 26 and 27, Student Prep Days will cover topics such as Nutrition on a Busy Schedule, Eating Right to Think Right, and Preparing Nutritious Meals in Advance to Avoid Fatigue and Burnout. Another session, Dealing with Anxiety and Stress, is designed to equip the student with proactive coping skills, organizational clarity and developing an awareness of emotional balance in the classroom.

Other sessions will cover: Getting Organized – the successful practice of using planners, schedules and organizers to prepare the student for solid goal setting and measurable outcomes. Note Taking Strategies – a session designed to introduce the student to efficient, time-saving practices that maximize their efforts without clutter. Reading Strategies – a session that will cover comprehension and retention skills such as highlighting and efficient navigation in textbooks.

All sessions are designed to be collaborative and interactive so that we can adequately cover any questions, concerns or innovative ideas. Day Two will feature a tour of the OIT campus and each student will find their classroom, professor’s office, Library, Student Union, CFLAT testing center and other important destinations.

Finally we end our sessions with a review of student SMART goals, individual strategies, best practices and completing important forms for their files. These prep days are a wonderful time to collaborate, create study groups, select strategies and techniques to implement and ease the anxiety of this important transition.

When the first day of class begins, Monday September 30, the real work begins for our supporting teams of mentors, therapists, and the educational coordinator. Each student is assigned a specific time to meet with both their mentor and the education coordinator to ensure that expectations are understood, curriculum is reviewed and assignments are laid out in advance.

It’s back to school at Dragonfly Transitions, an exciting time for students and staff, we look forward to seeing each student develop positive habits and strategies for success.

– Jeff Mortimer, Educational Coordinator


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