Residential Aftercare Programs for Young Adults

Residential Aftercare Programs for Young Adults - Dragonfly Transitions

Residential Aftercare Programs for Young Adults – Dragonfly Transitions

The transition from teenage years to young adulthood are years of vulnerability and change. Emerging adults struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, technology abuse, or lack of motivation are highly susceptible to the effects of their environment, and that’s why wilderness therapy and residential treatment programs can be so beneficial.

Time spent in these programs can make many positive impacts on a young person’s health and wellbeing, but unfortunately they can’t stay in the program forever. And often times after attending primary care treatment, when a young adult returns to their previous environment their old habits and ways of thinking can return with the move.

Wilderness therapy can be an incredible opportunity to dive deeply into addressing the cause of core issues. After attending and graduating from these programs, many young adults find the real work begins with integrating the tools and successes they have experienced in wilderness. The “real world” is very different from what a young adult experiences in a wilderness program, in which drugs, alcohol, and technology are not readily available, and peer pressure from friends has been entirely put on hold. While engaging in the nurturing and transformative environment of a wilderness therapy program, your child can focus on emotional health and wellbeing. When they return home however, familiar pressures can come flooding back in, and the responsibilities of adulthood may seem daunting to them.

Don’t Make a Hard Life Harder

It’s already difficult for millennials to transition into adulthood, with 56% of 18-24 year olds struggling to live independently from their parents. The transition can mean changes in school, finances, healthcare, housing and more. Becoming an adult is a wake-up call for many young people, and it’s not an easy one. For someone who has suffered from mood disorders, identity issues, addiction, and/or trauma, it can be even more challenging to make this leap.

If your son or daughter has recently returned from a wilderness therapy program, you may want to consider residential aftercare programs for young adults. An aftercare program ensures the positive impact of wilderness therapy successfully integrates with a lasting impact. Dragonfly Transitions is an aftercare program providing a supportive and respectful environment aiding in the transition into healthy young adult life.

After choosing from three locations in Southern Oregon based on their individual needs, students with Dragonfly find opportunities in employment, education, fitness, friendships and emotional wellbeing helping them sustain the transformative impact of their prior therapy programs while continuing to grow and launch into adulthood. We also offer individualized and group therapy services, as well as a designated mentor for each student, in order to provide a safe and compassionate stay for each of our students.

Dragonfly Transitions: Your Residential Aftercare Program for Young Adults

With over a decade of experience, Dragonfly Transitions understands your child’s path is unique and important and young adults sometimes need additional therapeutic, emotional, educational and peer community support while transitioning into independent adulthood. We honor who they are and will support their journey to be the best they can be.

For more information about our three Oregon locations, call us today at (208) 425-4888 or learn why choosing Dragonfly Transitions is the next best step to a healthy, whole life for your young adult or loved one.

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