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The Phases of Dragonfly

Phases of life

Our dedicated staff team support students in their quest for independent living skills, personal growth and emotional maturation. Dragonfly students learn balance and efficient time management experientially as they juggle schedules filled with:

  • individual therapy
  • group therapy sessions
  • recovery meetings
  • academic studies
  • vocational studies
  • outdoor sports
  • indoor sports
  • recreational activities

Four Progressive Phases

The program is structured into four progressive phases. Students move through the program at an individual pace, exploring their unique challenges and issues at every phase. Students collaborate with their mentors and therapists to set and achieve an individualized set of goals. Though no two students’ progression is alike, the following “themes” are the focus at each phase:

Phase I: Acceptance

Orients students to the program, giving students and staff time to get to know one another. Working with Dragonfly staff, students examine the behaviors and concerns that brought them to Dragonfly and develop an individualized treatment plan addressing their unique goals and issues. For new students re-integrating into the real world from a wilderness program, Phase I helps translate the lessons learned in the wilderness into everyday life within a structured and supportive environment. Staff and students work together to create a healthy structure to meet student’s needs which incorporates exercise, nutrition, service/apprenticeship, education, recreation, and emotional growth.

Phase II: Consistency and Effort

Students take on increased responsibility for making changes and demonstrate consistency and readiness to try new things. In this phase, students take more ownership and responsibility for managing their day-to-day schedule. Students are encouraged to explore new activities and experiment with new behaviors and lifestyles. Along with other critical life skills, students focus on budgeting and personal finance in preparation for Phase III. Phase II students may apply to transfer to the Ashland campus.

Phase III: Independence and Future Planning

Students have demonstrated they are reliable, trustworthy and able to be consistent in their everyday efforts over a period of time. At this phase, students are expected to take on increased leadership within their peer group and use the tools and skills learned throughout Phase I & II. Students look to the future and develop a concrete exit strategy to help in the transition into the next phase of their life.

Independent Living: Putting It All Together

This is an optional phase. Students move into the community of Klamath Falls or Ashland in their own apartment or college dorm. Students are in charge of managing their life with some external support from their Dragonfly therapist and mentor.

We strongly encourage students to complete all phases of the program as the impact of that alone on the graduate’s self-perception counters the many years they did not follow through on commitments. In addition, each phase focuses on core challenges and developmental milestones experienced by most young adults. Though many young people arriving at Dragonfly have quit on themselves and their commitments in the past (especially when hard work, focus, and emotional conflict were present), most find the discipline and drive to slow down and experience all that comes with the Dragonfly phases.

Dragonfly houses are located in residential neighborhoods and feel more like a home rather than an institution.