Proceed to Route

“Proceed to route,” the voice on the gps instructed. Instantaneously, all in the van laughed. Proceed to route? How do we know where to go? If we knew how to get there, why would I be seeking support? Then, a student commented, “proceed to the root of the problem.”

Sometimes, we must go to the “root” in order to proceed. While we all laughed, at this overly simplistic phrase, we found deep meaning for our lives. For some of us it was a reminder of being in the present moment. Wherever you go, there you are; proceed to route. For others proceed to route was a phrase recognizing progress and solidifying purpose.

Trip to the Coast - Proceed to Route - Dragonfly Transitions

On our trip to the coast there were many “routes.” There was the walk to a lake from our campsite in Devils Lake State Park. The route in the Salmon River Estuary while navigating paddle boards proved to be challenging when the tide began to recede and the wind blew. One student recognized that the not so simple action of getting back on the board when you have fallen off echoed their therapeutic work. At glass blowing we cultivated our creative sides as we navigated the process of such a unique trade/skill; each each of us brought back a unique work of art.

Trip to the Coast - Proceed to Route - Dragonfly Transitions

Not all of our students are experienced in the  wilderness. For one student this was his first time camping. He stated that, “it was almost spiritual, I felt more unified with nature. It felt good being away from technology, it was a positive experience.”

Now we have returned to begin the summer school term. Another student remarked, “this trip has been memorable, fun and something I can hold onto as I continue in Dragonfly and proceed to my route.”


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