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Paintball Team Bonding

Thursday, 26. May 2016

By Kelly Sosa Last Tuesday the Ashland campus staff and students loaded up into the van and headed to Central Point for a couple hours of paintball! Geared up in bulky hoodies, thick pants, and heavy duty face masks, everyone took to the field.  Paintballs sprayed across the field for two hours as therapists, mentors and…

Student Council: Dragonfly and the Culture of Change

Wednesday, 18. May 2016

By Lior Krancer Dragonfly is a program dedicated to the wellness of its students. The administration, therapists, and mentors all take time and effort to support the students. However, an organization like Dragonfly is populated with young people, and one of the few reliable things about young people is that we have opinions. Luckily for…

Crafting as Part of the Therapeutic Balance

Wednesday, 13. April 2016

By Chelsea Kibbe-Kremer I find that without intention, leisure and recreation can easily be lost by the wayside through the process of “adulting.” Our lives and minds are in full motion – work, school, volunteering, relationships, and technology can easily captivate the forefront of our waking hours unless we choose to move through life intentionally. As a…

Dragonfly Spring Break

Wednesday, 30. March 2016

Last week Dragonfly students embarked on spring break trips to the Redwoods, Oregon Coast, and Yosemite National Park. During these trips, the students experienced new and exciting ways to safely engage in spring break, and they returned refreshed and ready to continue with their school year. The Redwoods Trip By Jenny Spicher For spring break this past week,…

Family Dinner at Dragonfly

Monday, 21. March 2016

By Jenny Spicher Every Tuesday evening all Dragonfly students in town and at the homestead gather together to eat Family Dinner. Each dinner a few students participate in preparing the meal for 30-40 people, learning more about cooking, food prep and kitchen safety. The meals are intended to be nutritious and introduce students to a…