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Into the Wild – Dragonfly Summer 2020 Trips

Wednesday, 15. July 2020

During the summer months, Dragonfly students are able to select from a variety of trips that are offered for their learning, growth, therapeutic work, and enjoyment.  With COVID-19 impacting some of our regular routine stops, i.e., going to the Oregon coast, climbing and rafting in Bend, exploring the Redwoods, etc., Dragonfly staff was able to…

An Exceptional Discovery: By Kathryn Sabol, Academic Director

Friday, 22. May 2020

Before coming on board at Dragonfly Transitions, I had the privilege of working at FlexSchool, a unique school serving gifted and twice-exceptional learners. In my role as Head of School, I found myself surrounded by brilliant, creative, unique kids who had struggled in the typical school environment: shut down by busy teachers (too many questions!)…

A Day in the Life of a Dragonfly Mentor: Camo

Wednesday, 6. May 2020

Enjoy this fun spin on a day in the life of a Dragonfly Mentor through her dog’s eyes. “Wanna go to work?” His eyes light up, his tail starts to wag, and he runs to the door. I clip on his leash and we bound down the stairs on our way to Ashland campus. He…

Kathryn Sabol, M.Ed. Welcomed As Academic Director

Monday, 16. March 2020

Mona Treadway, Ph.D, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Dragonfly Transitions is pleased to announce a new addition to the leadership team and academic department: Kathryn Sabol, M.Ed. “Kathryn brings a unique blend of experience and world travel, creating a perfect synergy for Dragonfly and the students we serve”. Kathryn, a native Montanan, owes her passion…

Destiny Young, Director of Admissions & Business Development, welcomed to the team

Thursday, 31. October 2019

Founders, Glenn White and Mona Treadway, are excited to welcome Destiny Young to the Dragonfly Team. Mona shares that “Destiny has integrity, authenticity, a collaborative spirit and passion for working with young adults and their families. It is these traits that help create the special community that is Dragonfly“. Dori Them, Primary Admissions Coordinator, remains…