Tricia Sims

Position: Program Director

Tricia was born and raised in Missouri, near Kansas City. She spent a few years working in a children’s Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility in Paducah, KY working with children and adolescents ages 9 – 18 years old and from there she spent a few years in Fort Walton Beach, FL working with teenagers in the criminal justice system. Tricia moved to Sacramento, CA from St. Louis in 2019 and from Sacramento to Klamath Falls, to work for Dragonfly, September 2020. She spent the last 12.5 years helping individuals with barriers to employment find and maintain employment. Tricia worked for the State of MO for 5 years as the Program Director for the Client Work Program at a minimum security, psychiatric rehabilitation facility. Prior to that, she worked for MERS/Goodwill Industries as an Employment Specialist assisting folks with employment. Tricia also has experience as a Teacher’s Assistant, an in-home tutor, a Mental Health Technician, and as a Barista. Tricia graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Southeast Missouri State University with an emphasis in Criminal Justice, Psychological Services, and Applied Psychology. For the past 20 years, she has worked with children as young as 9 years old to senior citizens.

Tricia has a passion for social justice. She was a member of the Cultural Competence Council at St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center as well as a member of the Racial Equity Learning Exchange where she spent 3 years going through training, with a small cohort of colleagues, to be a trainer in her community. She also volunteered with PROMO, the LGBTQ+ advocacy group for the State of Missouri.

Tricia has a long-standing passion for helping people through life transitions, such as navigating the ins and outs of finding employment. So, she is beyond excited to work for an organization that focuses on helping young adults transition into adult living.

Tricia has two dogs, Max & Mimi. In her free time, she likes spending time with her dogs as well as, hiking, reading, practicing yoga, and traveling.