Trevor Fudim

Position: Mentor

Trevor grew up on Long Island, New York and spent most of his time at the beach or practicing sports. The value of exercise and learning became clear as he brought the lessons forward to University, earning a Fitness Specialist certificate as well as a degree in Economics.

Afterwards, he received a certificate to Teach English as a Foreign Language and brought it to Thailand to teach western education methods. While there he studied Eastern philosophy to better understand the origins of mental illness and their potential treatments.

Since then he has worked/volunteered in many different states/countries in order to gather knowledge and experience through different perspectives. His interests/hobbies now include reading, yoga/meditation, hiking, camping, mountain biking, snowboarding, and writing.

Having an immense love for nature and animals led him to work on farms and in national parks, where he continues to place a large emphasis on their therapeutic effects.


Realizing the lack of resources available to many young adults struggling to find true value and meaning in their lives led him to Dragonfly Transitions, where there is a communal team dedicated to guiding young adults towards healthy and balanced living.