Tova DeJack, LCSW

Position: Clinical Coordinator

Tova originally comes from the east coast, which is also where her sense of humor originates. Upon receiving her Masters of Social Work from Columbia University in N.Y., she found her tribe and purpose. Tova spent almost 30 years as a Social Worker learning a myriad of ways to support people through transformation and growth.

As a therapist, she has focused on child and family therapy with a trauma informed framework. Tova has also created and directed multiple programs within agencies. These include Integrated Behavioral Health programs within primary care and schools, counseling programs within out-patient and school, residential programs, and home health.

Tova has also been a foster parent, and has focused in more recent years as a Clinical Supervisor for therapists to attain their clinical licenses.  Inter-generational trauma and healing are profound patterns that she deeply studies and teaches about. Tova both learns and guides through experiential modalities.

Through humor and an irreverent sacred focus, Tova guides people through Ritual and psycho-spiritual insights to support folks toward their greatest selves. She has raised a wonderful son in Southern Oregon, and is now honored to be part of the Dragonfly family.