Taylor Williams

Position: Adventures & Wellness Coordinator (Klamath Falls)

Taylor moved from Ohio, the home of their childhood and alma mater, to work as a Dragonfly mentor. In college, they worked as a teacher’s assistant in the cinema department and as a resident advisor and peer mentor. Taylor organized events for various wellness, volunteer and cultural organizations while also residing at the university’s homestead. As a rising junior, they worked in Honolulu as a videographer and attended a study abroad program in Prague the following year, then spent the summer trekking through the Balkans, Alps, and UK. Currently as an Oregonian, Taylor’s days are filled with photographing hikes, rockhounding, and exploring the west coast through backpacking trips.

They became the Adventures and Wellness Coordinator of the Klamath and Homestead campus. The greatest joy of working at Dragonfly has been building individual relationships with students through recreational trips and activities. Taylor’s goal as a coordinator is to offer experiential opportunities for growth and a holistic approach to wellness.