Position: Mentor (Ashland)

The driving force for Taea has been a growth mindset which she fosters by continually reflecting on what she desires and pursuing it. Her personal mantra is “follow your heart”. What matters most to her is what she can become, given hard work and a dream. This mindset has led her down many pathways, all of which have been rewarding.

Taea has her BA in psychology and is working towards a master’s degree in social work. She hopes this will lead to a long-term career helping youth and adolescents begin trauma work and start their own journey towards healing. Taea’s many experiences inside and outside of work provide her with a multitude of different perspectives that maximize her usefulness to society at large. She is excited for this chapter at Dragonfly as a mentor because having someone to bounce ideas off of, vent to, share exciting news with, and seek advice from is invaluable when navigating young adulthood and the transitions that brings. Taea is invested in paying it forward as a Mentor and teacher of life.

Outside of work, Taea is a mother to two beautiful children who provide her with a plethora of learning opportunities and moments that make her heart swell with joy. She grew up in the military and as such remains remarkably close to family even though some remain overseas. Taea enjoys the arts and any hobby that provides her with a creative outlet. When she has free time, she enjoys traveling, music, and becoming one with nature.