Position: Mentor

Alec Sullivan who goes by the nickname Sully was born in Napa California and moved to Southern Oregon at the age of 19. He attended Southern Oregon University and graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Adventure leadership and a minor in communications.

Sully grew up playing competitive team sports and now plays recreationally for fun and to stay healthy. During his upbringing, he also spent a great deal of time camping and exploring the outdoors, while in college his love for outdoor recreation began a new beginning. Sully finds the most joy in his life while participating in outdoor sports, his favorite is skiing & snowboarding, with river surfing being a close runner-up.

In his athletic career, Sully has been described as a passionate leader who is well-liked and brings the team together, but that’s not what he enjoys most about it. He says that being a part of something bigger than himself, being able to share moments and memories of working together with a team of peers, through hardships and good times is what he loves about it. With the distant memory of being able to acquire this feeling from sports Sully continues to find outlets where he can achieve the same passion. He says that being a mentor rings about this passion and wishes to be a leader that people aspire for one that can be looked up to and trusted.

In his free time, Sully loves to travel, spend time outdoors recreating, hanging out with his dog, socializing with his friends, and always trying to live life to its fullest. Sully also spends a great deal of time working trade jobs on the side for small local businesses. He says that it’s a great way to make connections with his surrounding community.