Position: Mentor (Ashland)
Stephen has an extensive background as a writer, actor, and comedian having spent 16 years working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. He draws on this performance aspect when helping students through their progression at Dragonfly, imparting the skills necessary to build confidence in one’s voice and command the attention of an audience. His background in the arts is the launching pad for his approach to mentorship. 
Stephen is a native Kentuckian and graduated from the University of Louisville with a BA in Theatre Arts. He is currently pursuing a master’s program in mental health counseling and hopes to become a licensed therapist with the goal of combining his passion for the arts with his drive to help people recover from trauma. He is an advocate for mental health and is always exploring new healing modalities. He is involved in men’s groups that help fill in the gaps in leadership skills for those who grew up without strong masculine figures in their homes and communities. He is also a teacher of inner child work and reparenting techniques and has experienced the profound benefit of this work in his own life.
In his spare time, he is deeply involved in creative writing and is an avid outdoorsman who recharges by getting connected to nature by hiking, skiing, and camping.