Stacey Rowlett

Position: Medication Coordinator

Stacey Rowlett is originally from California and moved to Klamath Falls in 1993. She is a wife and mother of three children. Stacey volunteered as youth director at Harvest Outreach C.C., and C.F.W.C. from 1993-2015. Stacey and her husband currently work as associate pastors, and worship directors for Community Family Worship Center. 

In 2015, after caring for a terminally ill relative, Stacey decided to pursue her dream of becoming a registered nurse. She put her fears aside, took the first step, and enrolled in college. Stacey has completed all the prerequisites required to apply for the nursing program and has remained on the President’s List throughout her college experience. Stacey also worked as a TRIO tutor, and helped students achieve better grades and more confidence in Anatomy & Physiology. Stacey will be applying for the nursing program in May of 2019 and hopes to complete her bachelor’s degree in nursing by June 2022.  

In her free time, Stacey enjoys singing the national anthem with her family at various high school and college graduations, OIT basketball games, and other community events. Family is very important to Stacey. She enjoys camping and visiting the coast and spending time with her husband and children.