Sky Asher

Position: Primary Therapist

First and foremost, Sky is grateful to be the mother of four wonderful children, ranging in age from grade school to college. Her experience of being a mother for more than 20 years has been the greatest learning and growing experience life could possibly provide her. Sky believes it is largely life’s experiences that inform who we become and how we perceive the world in which we live. Sky was born in the rural Coastal mountains of Oregon where she developed a deep connection to the natural world. Throughout her adult life, she has lived abroad for several years, lived at 10,000 feet on the Continental Divide, has traveled around the world, and spent seven years raising her children on the island of Kaua’i. Such rich life experience––combined with her education and clinical practice––informs the way Sky supports and relates with her clients. With a Master of Arts in Psychology and all but her dissertation toward her Ph.D from Meridian University, along with over five years of clinical experience working with psychiatric treatment teams, Sky brings a wealth of education and hands-on training to her work. 


Sky sees therapy like a compass to help navigate the twists and turns along life’s windy path and a therapist as a great companion for the journey. She offers personal experience and training on a spectrum of modalities to help create new practices and see fresh perspectives that can lead to lasting change. Sky sees the imagination as a powerful tool for transformation, which is particularly useful for young adults in opening to problem solving, flexibility, and a willingness to change. Sky brings to therapy a combination of awareness practices, expressive arts, a cognitive behavioral approach, and working with the many internal parts of the self that influence thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.