Sean Winters

Position: Clinical Intervention Specialist

Sean has over twenty years of experience in the teaching, mentoring, and guiding of staff, students, business operations, and government departments, both internationally and in the US. He has twelve years of experience instructing and facilitating wilderness therapy programs.

Sean has led mountaineering, backpacking and river expeditions in Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Papua New Guinea and South America. He brings to Dragonfly an extensive knowledge of natural history, years of instructor training experience, and some very top-notch teaching skills. Sean is a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) with 900 days in the field.

His emphasis has been on helping create self-awareness and confidence through education and support systems, while developing foundations through field manuals and hands-on staff and community development. His college course was centered on education, biology and general science.

When Sean is not in the wilderness, he enjoys spending time exploring Klamath Falls with his wife, Rachel, and their dog Buckeye.