Sarah Walker

Position: Program Director (Homestead)

Sarah’s partnership with Dragonfly Transitions began in 2010 when she joined A Leap of Taste as a barista and chef. Sarah engaged in on-the-job training with Dragonfly Students to support them in developing work experience with coaching and feedback on work ethic. When a mentor position opened at the Homestead, she transitioned to working full time with students teaching animal husbandry and horticulture.


In 2017 Sarah moved back to her hometown in Georgia with her family to explore Management in the Wood Working Industry and cultivate her leadership and management skills. Sarah developed an internship program with the local high school to connect students with their areas of interest such as marketing research, web development, product photography, accounting, and IT. In addition, she engaged with local parolees to support skills to enable them to reenter the workforce. In 2020 Sarah was recognized by Woodworking Network as a part of the 2020 class of 40 under 40 for her innovative leadership, organizational management, continuous improvement mindset, and contributions to her community.


In 2020, She was invited to rejoin the Dragonfly team as the Homestead Program Coordinator and moved back to Oregon. Sarah has a lifelong passion for working with young adults who are struggling. Her background in General Psychology and practical experience working one on one with young adults were contributing factors in her promotion to Program Director of the Klamath Falls Campus.


“When I was a young adult, I was in a dark place, and I was fortunate to find a community that gave me the support and mentoring that I needed to successfully develop as an independent adult. Working at Dragonfly gives me the opportunity to pay it forward by investing in a community that offers our students support and connection to empower them to gain the skills they need.” ~ Sarah