Position: Mentor

Ruby was born in Big Sur California and moved to Ashland Oregon at the age 2 where she spent her young years till her teenage years there.  Ruby struggled as a teen and later, her struggles would guide her to travel, helping teens she met along the way navigate through their own life struggles. She was able to use the experience she went through and transform it into a positive life journey that would later guide her into working with at-risk youth struggling with drug addiction, trauma informed care, suicide prevention and collaborative problem solving. She also helped families find local resources and programs with good ethics and services that could help their families become a more solid unit. She also advocated for better treatment of children in programs and helped formed an alliance for children all over the united states that would help them get the services they needed while having a safe space for them to focus on healing.

It wasn’t until 2015 that Ruby found herself having to go back to work after being a stay at home mom for years and decided to follow her passions with working with at risk youth again and pursued a career working with teens with behavioral and addiction issues professionally. She worked as a Residential Treatment Counselor for 11-18-year olds for four and half years. In 2019, Ruby decided she wanted to broaden her experience and work with young adults as well which led her to Dragonfly.

Ruby believes that our past does not define who we are and that working through trauma and focusing on healing ourselves can open up a vast amount of opportunities to connect us to our higher selves as well as the world around us.

When Ruby is not at work, she is with her 4 children and their family dog, skateboarding, paddle boarding, hiking and backpacking through the mountains, writing, reading, doing art and studying a broad variety of many different subjects as well as expressing herself through dance.

Ruby’s life motto has been to embrace the duality of herself, falling in love with her faults and striving to be a better person who she was the day before.