Mikey Bell

Position: Mentor

Mikey brings a deep passion for healthy living, fitness, and outdoor adventure to Dragonfly Transitions. With over 6 years of professional personal training experience, Mikey provides students with unique opportunities to improve their physical fitness, self-confidence, and mental well-being through means of spending time in nature, exercising, and proper nutrition.

With a master’s degree in Outdoor Adventure and Expedition Leadership, Mikey believes there is no better way to connect with your inner self, others, and our planet, than by exploring our natural and wild places. Mikey has travelled to 15 different countries including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Rwanda, and Kenya. Mikey loves to explore mountains and trails in foreign countries, including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, reaching an elevation of 19,320 feet above sea level. Since 2018, Mikey has worked as a professional mountain guide on Mount Shasta in Northern California. Leading multi-day summit climbs and teaching educational glacier seminars, Mikey has an exceptional ability to lead diverse teams to great success in challenging environments.

Mikey’s leadership philosophy stems from a place of compassion, humility, and role-modeling. He understands the importance of connecting with students and building meaningful relationships that go far beyond day-to-day chores. Mikey’s overall goal as a mentor is to provide students with the support, friendship, and guidance they need to build healthy, joyful, and successful lives.

Originally from the San Francsico Bay Area, Mikey moved to Ashland, Oregon in 2016 to finish his bachelor’s degree at Southern Oregon University. If he’s not enjoying the trails and restaurants in Ashland, you are most likely to find him backcountry skiing in waist deep powder, running up a local Cascade volcano, or fly fishing on a pristine, wild and scenic river.