Position: Mentor (Ashland)

Mike was raised with his three brothers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he studied anthropology and archaeology. While at school Mike worked at a popular Jamaican restaurant honing valuable culinary and job skills. He then attended the Canadian field school in Africa program. On safari, Mike participated in archaeological excavations, took field classes in ethnobotany, wildlife ecology, eco-tourism all while camping under the stars of Kenya and Uganda.

After graduating with a B.S. Mike went on a 3-month road trip, touring many national parks and forests along the way. On this trip Mike discovered the beautiful and welcoming community of Ashland, soon he moved and began working at the Southern Oregon Ice Arena as hockey director/operations manager. Here he taught and coached beginner and intermediate boys and girls and served as the Ashland HS head coach for two seasons.

Mike then became interested in health and wellbeing while working for a local organic produce distribution company, delivering fresh fruits/vegetables throughout the PNW.

Mike loves music. He played electric guitar in bands, contributed to soundtracks for films and has built his own guitars. Attending concerts and traveling to art/music festivals is one of his favorite pastimes. He also enjoys backcountry snowboarding, whale watching, scuba diving/snorkeling, kayaking, hiking with dogs, gardening and being a good friend.

He looks forward to earning his master’s degree in psychology.