Max Weinstein

Position: Wellness and Vocation Coordinator

Max was born and raised in Wisconsin, where he began to find his passion for health and wellness.  This passion led to him earning a degree in health promotion and wellness. Within this coursework was experience in developing, implementing and evaluating programs from a holistic lense. These skills along with a workplace internship abroad provided a deeper understanding of the wellness industry and insight from a global perspective.

An emphasis of his work has been with clients of varied physical and mental abilities as well as leading group exercise classes, personal training, health coaching, and yoga. He has carried personal training, certified medical exercise specialist, 200 hour registered yoga teacher, and Yoga for 12 step recovery certifications. After working in the fitness Industry for years Max decided to use the interpersonal, communication, and facilitation skills he learned into the wilderness therapy field.  He sought out this work to have a deeper connection with nature, adventure,  community, and self.  He worked for a prominent company in Utah for several years followed by a company in Hawaii.  Within these companies he became interested in what the next step of treatment was all about.  This curiosity and thirst for deeper understanding of transitional living led Max to Dragonfly.

 Being involved in many different working environments has given Max strength to be adaptable and flexible within life. A strong passion to serve others and help people achieve personal well-being drives him to be a lifelong learner, student, and teacher.