Position: Mentor (Klamath Falls)

Madelyn was born and raised in Klamath Falls she has worked as a mentor and a residential aide in Klamath for most of her life. She began working as a RA for exodus house when she was 20 and has continued her passion for helping others ever since.

In 2014 she decided to go back to school to further her education in the field of psychology in 2018 she graduated from KCC with her AA and a certificate in alcohol and drugs. Her passion to learn only got stronger and she decided that going for her BA would do her more justice. In 2022 she got her BA and started her journey at Dragonfly shortly after.

Madelyn is a signal mom raising two teens and she works full time, but when isn’t working she loves to spend time reading at Moore Park or just hanging out with her kids doing whatever they want to do. To Madelyn, there is no greater joy than being with her kids and their friends, she is that mom that all the friends call when they need an ear or when they need a ride! Madelyn is a mom to any and all of her kids’ friends because she never wants a child to struggle or to feel alone she is on call for them every day all day.

Madelyn’s passion is to help any and all kids and adults. She is always an open ear and an open mind to whatever anyone is going through. She never wants someone who is in her life to feel like they don’t have anyone who will listen or be there when they need them so she makes sure to keep herself open to everyone in her life. Her favorite quote is “If you have two friends in your lifetime, you’re lucky. If you have one good friend, you’re more than lucky.” S.E. Hinton