Heather Beaman

Position: Academic and Vocational Coordinator (Klamath Falls)

Prior to joining Dragonfly Transitions Heather enjoyed careers in politics, volunteer management, and, most recently higher education. Working both in admissions and academic advising, Heather spent 11 years in higher education assisting students not only with their academic needs but a host of other life hurdles that are part of the maturation process. By far the most challenging obstacle she witnessed was the impact of mental health concerns on young adults in college. Consequently, Heather feels passionate about mental health. It is a privilege for Heather to holistically assist students at Dragonfly with both academic/job goals as they progress through their mental health treatment.

When not working with students, Heather enjoys looking for treasures and antiques as she is an avid estate sale and thrift store shopper. She also enjoys cooking and baking….especially around the holidays.