Dalton Ahern

Position: Primary Admissions Coordinator

Dalton is a high energy member of the Dragonfly community that draws experience from an eclectic background. Dalton has a long history of performing Shakespeare on big stages in New York City, Boston, and across the nation. He studied Health Sciences at Hofstra University while competing in Division One wrestling.

Before joining the Dragonfly team, Dalton worked at Embark Behavioral Health in Arizona, where he represented ten mental health organizations simultaneously. His work allowed him to connect with families in crises, listen to their stories, and guide them to a program that best fit their needs. Eventually, Dalton felt compelled to focus his efforts on one program so that he could better integrate himself into the community. As Admissions Coordinator of Dragonfly, Dalton continues his work through connecting with families on the phone, but he now gets to meet them face to face! Whether it’s a live virtual tour, an in-person tour, or an enrollment, Dalton is happy to take his work one step further and watch families grow alongside each other from his front row seat in Klamath Falls, Oregon!